A listing of NPCs who may aid the players.


Danielle Martin – the city’s chief medical examiner.

Eddie Ford – a reporter for ‘The Alt’.

Greg Ross – a friend of Micheal Robinson’s from High School. A professional stunt driver.

Mick Brownley – Micheal Robinson’s agent.

Mrs. Cake – a television psychic who may be more than she seems.

Carl Sterling – a journalist, working for the Beacon, Coast City’s biggest paper.

Dr. Hargrove – doctor in charge of the Bishopsgate Asylum.

Law and Authority

Franklin Kim – a homicide detective who has seen the worst the city has to offer.

Agent Bernard Lusk – an FBI Agent who is less than thrilled about working with the Booke Foundation.

Agent Ronald Stark – an FBI Agent who is willing to share information.

Assistant Director George Slender – the man in charge of the FBI’s in Coast City.

Mayor Leanne Harris – the mayor of Coast City.

Officer Charles Becker – a beat cop.

Commissioner Raymond Kelley – Coast City’s Chief of Police.


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