Micheal Robinson

Child of Russian immigrants trying to make his way in America.


Name: Micheal Robinson

Age: 23

Occupation (prior to recruitment):
Struggling Model/Actor

Who Are You:
Russian Immigrant trying to find work in America.

How do others see you?:
Attractive with very good people skills.

Where do you live?:
Coast City. Small Condo, alone.

Where is your family?:
Father is missing presumably still in Russia. Mother is ill in a retirement center paid for by Mr. Booke.

Who are your friends?:
Greg Ross is Micheal’s best friend. They met in high school and each tried to be famous in there own ways.

How do you get around town?:
Crown Vic.

What are you afraid of?:
Water and Tight Spaces.

What do you want to get out of life?:
Fame, Fortune, Happiness.

What was your youth like?:
Rough. Mikal’s family were poor even by Russian standards. Mikal’s father had started doing business with the russian mob, which allowed him to send his family to America.

Do you have a job? Do you have co-workers?:
Micheal does mostly modeling work since his acting career never took off, but occasionally he’ll get a movie or t.v. show. Co-workers are some other actors may know him, and Mick Brownley, Micheal’s agent.

What was your encounter with the supernatural?:

Do you believe in the supernatural world?:

How did you meet Mr. Booke?:
He came to Micheal.

What did Mr. Booke offer you?:
Micheal’s mother had fallen ill right as he hit a tight spot for money. Micheal had no way to pay for all of the treatment she needed, so Mr. Booke helped him out, and said his mother would be well taken care for so long as Micheal worked for him.


Micheal Robinson (Mikal Rocovich) a Russian immigrant. Changed his name to Micheal Robinson to keep a good public image when become a clean cut charming actor/model. He’s a rising Celebrity, currently on the D list but making his way on up. He lives alone in a small condo. In a decent neighborhood, nothing too flashy yet. His father still lives in Russia and hasn’t been in contact since Mikal was six years old; Mikal loved the man very much, the family only separated because a Russian business man said he would send Mikal’s father in another year or so, but he never came. Mother lives in an upper scale retirement center. No known siblings in America.

Mikal’s mother fell ill soon after he finished taking his college courses, and he was forced to halt his career to take care of her. Just when funds started running out and Mikal feared his mother may die, Mr. Booke appeared. The mysterious man offered to cover his mother’s medical expenses and let Mikal pursue his own career, so long as Mikal would agree to aid him with his consulting group. Mikal agreed.


Mick Brownley – Micheal’s agent. They get along well enough, but their relationship is purely professional.

Greg Ross – Micheal’s friend from high school. He’s a professional stuntman/driver.

Olga Rocovich – Mikal’s Grandmother. Mikal’s Grandmother lives in the city, she moved there with the rest of the family. When he was younger, they were very close… she’d look after him when his mother was at work. But one day, when he was about 9 or 10, her attitude towards him changed. He’s not sure why, but from that day forth, she was always withdrawn from him… reserved, perhaps even hateful.

Misha Rocovich – Mikhal’s mother. She has recently fallen ill.

Micheal Robinson

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