James Norris


James Norris


Occupation (prior to recruitment):
Bouncer/debunker of paranormal phenomena

Who Are You:
I’m the guy that will get your mother to stop blowing her money on “Psychic readings”

How do others see you?:
I probably come off as the big quiet guy in the back, and people quickly find out I’m not the guy to tell ghost stories to.

Where do you live?:
Nowhere really, I move around a lot

Where is your family?:
Not sure, they disowned me after I proved I wasn’t a “saint reborn.”

Who are your friends?:
I don’t have many, on the move too much. Some of the posters on the website may be considered friends, though I have not met many of them IRL yet.

How do you get around town?:
Long distances I use a RV. When I get to my destination, it is by Bike.

What are you afraid of?:
The unknown, I seek to master this fear by making it known and figuring it out

What do you want to get out of life?:
I am not selfish, so I do not expect much, however, I would love to see a world, where people did not worship religions blindly enough to really believe that someone can die, and come back to life days later, that’s just stupid

What was your youth like?:
All my life I had religion shoved down my throat, and was told not to question it, but I did anyway, and found logical explanations for many “miracles” in the bible. I could not prove any of them though as they happened a long time ago.

Do you have a job? Do you have co-workers?:
I run a website, and work as hired muscle when I have to.

What was your encounter with the supernatural?:
I encounter the “supernatural” all the time, it often gets a con artist arrested, or causes someone to leave town.

Do you believe in the supernatural world?:
That’s pretty funny.

How did you meet Mr. Booke?:
He dropped me several leads via the forums on my website that turned out to be pretty profitable.

What did Mr. Booke offer you?:
He offered to locate my family for me, in exchange for working for him. I had no interest in finding my family, but told him I would be fine working for him if it meant more jobs like the tips he leaked to me via the website. He seemed fine with that, and told me that there may come a time when I would want to see my family again, and his offer will still be available when that time comes.


James Norris is a blogger who runs “skeptic.com”

James Norris

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