Dr. Alexander Price

Disheveled and haunted.


Name: Dr. Alexander Price

Age: 38

Occupation (prior to recruitment): Clinical Psychiatrist / Sin Eater

Who Are You: A progressive, a healer, and seeker of secrets.

How do others see you?: Cold, clinical, and detached. Only after thoroughly analyzing a situation will Dr. Price let his emotions become apparent.

Where do you live?: A well appointed townhouse atop a promontory overlooking the river. Despite two weekly visits by a cleaning service, it is quite evident to visitors that Dr. Price spends his life in books, as every coffee and end table has at least a small stack of books, papers and journals on them. Otherwise the house is spotless. In the basement is a panic room left over from the house’s previous owner which Alexander has converted into a secondary library for his selection of occult tomes.

Where is your family?: Alexander’s mother is unknown to him. He was raised by his father and grandfather (also Sin Eaters), both of whom could be best described as “traditionalists” in the minute community of Sin Eaters in America. They disapprove of Alexander’s pursuit of a conventional career and his attempts to use the Sacrament (sin eating) in conjunction with medicinal and therapeutic practice.

Who are your friends?: Dr. Price’s friends exist in two circles which he works strenuously to keep separate. The first is Halcyon Hills, a local members-only country club that caters two Coast City’s professionals (doctors, academics, lawyers, bankers, etc.). He initially joined solely for the sake of keeping up appearances and networking, but after several years spent sifting through the gaggles of snobs and elitists, Alex has managed to find a small cadre of people he considers genuine friends.

The other circle, the Society of Inquiry, is much smaller. It began in the 1920s as the Society of Hermetic Studies, a tiny group of curious local intellectuals with a shared interest in the Hermetic philosophy and magic. No less tiny today, the Society of Inquiry has branched out into other fields of esoterica, including a myriad of meditation schools, astrology, yoga, and many more. Mostly harmless and equally clueless, Alexander finds the group affable, energetic, and a veritable clearing house of information (99% of which is junk). He has not disclosed his life-long relationship with the genuine occult to the group, but frequently considers doing so.

How do you get around town?: Dr. Price uses two vehicles. For keeping up appearances at work and the country club, he uses an obscenely large Ford Excursion. When travelling to meetings with his father, grandfather, or the Society of Inquiry, he uses a nondescript, mid-price 2002 sedan.

What are you afraid of?: Having to live like his father and grandfather. They are wealthy, wise, and skilled in their trade, but they have no life outside of that trade. They have no friends, family, or personal life (in the conventional sense of those terms). They live for the the Sacrament alone and are completely cut off from the world in almost all other respects.

What do you want to get out of life?: To heal, like his forefathers, but to LIVE as well. He wants to have friends, a wife, children, and to die quietly in his easy chair at the age of 98. Unfortunately, his status as a sin eater will likely keep him alive far longer than that. His father and grandfather may even attempt to take his children away from him if he ever has any.

What was your youth like?: Raised and educated by his father and grandfather, this was not the typical “home-schooling” experience.

Do you have a job? Do you have co-workers?: 1. Coast City University Psychiatric Institute. 2. Yes.

What was your encounter with the supernatural?: See above.

Do you believe in the supernatural world?: Yes.

How did you meet Mr. Booke?: After a falling out with his father and grandfather, they refused to help him find suitable “clients”. Though Alex doesn’t know how, Mr. Booke contacted him immediately thereafter. Dr. Price is suspicious, but for now he needs Mr. Booke to arrange clients for him, both for supplementary income and to find truly deserving individuals.

What did Mr. Booke offer you?:


Dr. Price is a psychiatrist.

Dr. Alexander Price

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