The Rorschach Killer

"Tell me... what do you see?"


The Rorschach Killer has claimed 8 victims in the Coast City area. His method of choosing his victims is still unknown, and each of victims seems to have been killed with whatever objects were on hand at the scene.

The Rorschach Killer’s trademark is to dab some of the victim’s blood on a slip of paper, and then fold that paper in half, create a design that resembles a Ink Blot test. The killer is quite good at making these, in fact; the designs are unexpectedly intricate.

Thus far, the presence of this piece of paper is the only clue linking the 6 victims.


  • Vic 1
  • Vic 2
  • Vic 3
  • Vic 4
  • Vic 5
  • The Collector
  • Judge Walters

The Rorschach Killer

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