Mrs. Cake


A television psychic, and ally of Jonas Booke. Mrs. Evadne Cake is a psychic medium. Her size is small, but her hat and purse are extra-large. When Mrs. Cake sits with her hat on and cuddling her purse, she looks as if only her face is not covered with these accessories.

Mrs. Cake volunteers at all the churches that she can find, taking over miscellaneous housekeeping duties efficiently, and finally having a falling-out with the priests because she converses with the dead. She always ends up leaving the Chueches in a mess because now nobody else knows how to fulfill the miscellaneous housekeeping duties. Mrs. Cake is regarded in dread by all priests and even some priestesses across the continent. It is possible that Mrs. Cake can be considered a witch. Besides conversing with the dead, Mrs. Cake also has the ability to turn on or turn off her precognition, a very useful tool while walking the dangerous streets of Coast City, but premonitions also make her conversation with normal people very confusing, because she tends to reply to a question right before it has been asked. Yet, if she has replied and then the person decides not to ask the question, she gets a terrible headache.

She has an amicable working relationship with her spirit guide, He-who-knows-Not, and knows how to get his full co-operation: setting fire to a glass of whiskey, so that its ghost lasts for just long enough on the other side, is her usual reward for a job well done.

Mrs. Cake has a daughter, Natasha Cake, who is partly psychic. Mrs. Cake now has her own late night talk show. This show is not very popular due to the fact she tells people what is going to happen and not what they would like to hear. In fact most of the time she ignore every callers questions completely and just starts lecturing them.


Mrs. Cake

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