Ezra Altman




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  • Born and raised in low-income housing in Detroit. Grandparents immigrated shortly after WWII.
  • Diagnosed at an early age with mild-to-moderate paranoiac tendencies, characterized by a receding/resurging emotional cycle of dread, foreboding, or “wrongness.”
  • Graduated from high school in Detroit with high test scores but with no academic or extracurricular achievements. Did not attend college.
  • Began writing articles for conspiracy theory websites while working a series of low-wage, part time jobs (McDonald’s, Lowe’s, etc.)
  • Switched to writing full time after being offered a substantial amount of money by an obscure, privately funded website, Logos.org.
  • Moved to Los Angeles after the death of father and mother from lung cancer and heart disease (respectively) within five years of each other.

Once in Los Angeles, Ezra continued his work for Logos in addition to writing articles for a number of underground zines and newsgroups. His sense of foreboding and wrongness had only grown with the years, and as it grew so did his interest in all things bizarre and secret. He made the rounds of the various occult circles: bookstores, neo-pagan gatherings, UFO conventions and things much stranger still.

Until a few months ago, Ezra was moderately well-adjusted to his insular, contemplative and utterly paranoid existence. But then Logos went down. There was no notice, no email, not so much as a “Fuck you, thanks for playing.” He merely attempted to log on to the site one morning and completely ordinary 404 error popped up in its place. The checks stopped coming as well.

With his cash rapidly drying up and his side projects not bringing in nearly enough money to make ends meet, he tried a variety of other odd jobs. Unfortunately his anti-social habits and non-mainstream interests made any other line of work short and unsuccessful.

With his savings nearly gone and rent coming due, Ezra was beginning to consider taking up the lifestyle of a Santa Monica vagrant, until he received a call from Mr. Booke. He was interested in hiring a researcher.

Today, Ezra lives entirely off of Mr. Booke’s largess, while going to work for him on a daily basis, perfectly happy to be researching all manner of bizarre topics and weird news stories. Mr. Booke appreciates having a researcher on hand that can be handed all manner of macabre assignments without batting a eyelash, and thinks he’s found the man with the perfect background and skill-set for the job.

Ezra Altman

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