Franklin Kim

Hard-Boiled Detective.


Franklin Kim doesn’t look the kind of guy to have seen it all – compared to all the real vets on the force he’s a fresh-faced kid, yet to be turned cynical by all the crap he’s going to see on the streets. But he has seen it. He was on the taskforce set up to catch the Blacktop Killer, a serial murderer who left his disemboweled victims on the highway out of town like road kill. He never found the killer, but he did sit in on the autopsies where the bite marks and claw wounds were measured, and he knew then there were worse things out there than crazy guys. There were monsters, too. Kim is now investigating the Calculator’s string of murders, and he has just cracked the pattern of house numbers and grid references that points him towards the Calculator’s next victim.

Franklin Kim is well aware of a danger inherent to his line of work – becoming just as bad as the monsters he hunts. This is a fate he is willing to accept. The Blacktop Killer’s rampage convinced him that men like him have to sacrifice everything, perhaps even their own humanity, to stop monsters from preying on the rest of us. Perhaps in killing the Calculator, he will become no better than the Calculator himself. So be it – there will always be a fellow cop or vigilante to take Kim down in turn, and until then he hopes he can take a hell of a lot of bad guys with him.


Franklin Kim

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