Lydia Carter

A medical student who's fascination with the occult and macabre have changed the course of her life irrevocably.


Name: Lydia Carter

Age: 23

Occupation (prior to recruitment): Grad Student, Interning as a Coroner

Who Are You: I am the darkly fashionable pale girl lurking the back row, all-seeing and awesome with my dark power.

How do others see you?: Lots of dark eyeshadow and fishnets. The short, skinny girl black with an unwholesome interest in all things occult and dead.

Where do you live?: A small apartment above across the street from a constantly raucous night club. I try to get most of my sleeping done while the harsh light of day sullies the world.

Where is your family?: Bumblefuck nowhere, Iowa. Good riddance.

Who are your friends?: Danielle Martin is my only real friend and I work with her.

How do you get around town?: Vespa. Black and silver with more bumper stickers than you’d think would fit on a scooter.

What are you afraid of?: Ugly death, when I die I want it to be pretty. Also birds and homeless people.

What do you want to get out of life?: The friendship, even love, of powerfully dark, evil beings. I’ll settle for never having to see my parents again and working with dead things.

What was your youth like?: Lame. My parents were way too middle-class happy and had no idea of how to deal with the burgeoning dark goddess that I was. I moved far away as soon as possible.

Do you have a job? Do you have co-workers?: Interning is like a job, without getting paid. I work with Danielle, a very cool coroner.

What was your encounter with the supernatural?: I summoned a ghost. It was supposed to be totally awesome and give me this dark, handsome dead guardian. I got Dennis instead.

Do you believe in the supernatural world?: Absolutely, one hundred percent. I just wish I’d seen more of it than my decidedly lame single contact.

How did you meet Mr. Booke?: He contacted me.

What did Mr. Booke offer you?: Help with a certain ‘living’ arrangement that was getting way too personal. He also took my book.


Danielle Martin – the city’s chief medical examiner.

Phantom Dennis – the ghost of a man named Dennis, who ‘haunts’ Lydia. He is less than happy about the arrangement.


Lydia is a goth chick, obsessed with arcana, especially as it relates to the dead. Found a moth eaten, moldy old tome, the “Libris Mortis”, in a second hand bookstore. Recognizing it from an online BBS (, she bought it, even though only about a fourth of the text was readable. After studying the book, she found a ritual that would allow her to summon “a protector from the world of the dead”. Thinking that would be “sooo awesome”, she performed the ritual as best she could. At the completion of the ritual, a gust of wind swirled around the attic, extinguishing the candles. She heard what sounded like whispering in the darkness, and rose to turn on the light.

Rather than being greeted with a handsome, dark stranger, she found herself looking at a rather plain young man, about her age, who wanted to know how he got into her attic. Dennis Dalton is dead, now, and his spirit is bound into her service. Not exactly what she had in mind at all. And, to make matters worse, there’s some question as to if Dennis was summoned because he happened to be the first to die in the area, or if her spell directly caused his death.

Lydia Carter

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