"Nobody calls me James anymore. Please... call me Jack."


The killer known as “JTR” stalked Coast City for several weeks, taunting investigators by sending cryptic (and gruesome) letters to the local newspaper, “The Alt”.

After racking up 4 victims, JTR was apprehended by the Booke Foundation’s investigation team. He currently resides at Blackstone Maximum Security Prison.


JTR’s real name is James Macenroy, a local college student studying to be a radiologist (one or more of the players may have had classes with him).

James has always been a quiet, reserved child. After being removed from the custody of an abusive mother at age 16, he was placed in foster care for two years, at which point he struck out on his own. Incredibly smart, James’ grades won him a college scholarship, which he has used to pursue his career.

A little over a month before his first kill, James had an accident. He was involved in a head on collision, and suffered severe head trauma. He was rushed to the hospital, but died. He was dead for a few seconds, but was revived. But he did not come back entirely himself. Something on the other side changed him, and not for the better.

James became plagued by violent urges. He found himself driven to violence. He NEEDED to kill.

A fascination with Jack the Ripper, combined with a hatred of ‘working girls’ (no doubt left over from his abusive mother, a stripper who became increasingly violent as her looks faded) James’ psychosis has manifest itself in the delusion that he, himself, is Jack the Ripper. An immortal serial killer, who sustains himself on the blood of the wicked, and vile. He believes that ‘his enemies’ tricked him into thinking he was James Carville, a weak little nothing. But he remembers who he really is now. And he’ll make them remember, too.


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