WoD: Paint It Black

Episode 3: Suffer Little Children

Mikal was interviewed by the FBI regarding Alexia by Lusk and Stark. Booke and the Mayer showed up and took him out of custody. On the way out he made a snide comment to Lusk that turned him red! After the interview Mikal began to explain the strange encounter with Alexi and the words spoken upon his “death”.

Harvey recieved a letter from Dimitrius that tells him to call a Brandon Charmichael who then says that he wants him to give him a call when he needs anything. Informs him to trust his instincts and then hangs up.

A new case: A number of children are going missing… the killer tortures them for days then kills them. A straight razor has been used on all of the victims with an age ranging from 5-17 all within the same school district besides one victim. This child “Billy” was taken from a field trip in the city and was from a different area of town and brought to the area of the rest of the killings. The killer is sending pics of the process to the parents. All victims are found in Hide Park. Sarah Rothman which is one of 3 children who have been murdered is now missing. Gary Rothman, there father, was a police officer and there mother a homemaker. The mother and Sara left to stay with her grandmother to try to keep her out of harms way. The group meets with Detective Massy to discuss the case. The group did not get much out of him that was any different then what is already known.

Mikal and Harvey meet the wife of James Walters. They check the garage and it looks like a normal garage. In the family photos there is a picture of Billy Hamiliton. This is James’ nephew. He has tried no contact since his disappearance.

Justin and Amelia pick up Mrs. Cake

The spectrometer report they found a perfume on the photos. The 3D reports says that it is probably a residential home and the photographer is 5’5” in height.

While Bill “Pretty Boy Bill” Cooper is on the way to meet Micheal Robinson and Harvey, he drives by something in the road that appears to be a body. It is Sarah Rothman. He calls Detective Massy.

Back at the Hamilton’s, Micheal Robinson and Harvey talk to Mrs. Hamilton regarding James. She suspects he was having an affair. She also says that she had a babysitter named Emily.

Justin Saint James and Amelia Farco go to crime scene where Billy found Sara. While we are at the scene Massy gets a call.. Juan Walters (brother of Maria Hamilton) did not come home from picking up their kid from school. They also find that Sal Romano is George Rodriguez’s boss.

Micheal Robinson and Harvey are going to check out the Truck Depot. They manage to get into the depot and start looking for a man and a boy. They found George’s file and he was in an accident with a Kyle Gylin. He died on the scene but cleared all fault on George.

Mrs. Cake get believes that they are doing it as revenge and killing the children to get back at someone.

Micheal Robinson, Harvey, and Bill “Pretty Boy Bill” Cooper go to Kyle’s wife’s (Emily)house to question the situation. Billy sneaks out with a “phone call” to try to take a peak at the basement. Harvey then gets a vision of the lady with blond hair and blue eyes hacking at babies. He then picks up a rock and throws it at the window. Harvey got filled with more metal then Iron man’s girlfriend. Spoilers* He then crawls down to the basement, but finds nothing incriminating.

Billy assaults a 5’6” house wife and threatens to rape her. Points a shotgun to her head and threatens to kill her children. He then was cuffed and put to the floor then taken to Jail.

Later that night:

While Mikal was sleeping a man cast in shadow with red burning eyes and elk antlers appears. Then he grabbed Mikal and held him out the window saying that when I found you will die. Then Mikal wakes up from a dream. He goes to the bathroom and notices a large welt mark in the shape of a hand on his neck.

That next Morning…

A women from the “Alt” shows up at the Jefferson. After a lot of trying Amelia looks at her and says LEAVE and then she says no. She then says GO and she leaves.

During several interviews the crew gets a call that the Walters boy was found walking up an interstate. He had a picture of a roshack on his back. With an interview we find that the “evil” man put his father in the chair and cuffed him. Then the scary person set him free and sent him on his way with the roshack.

While the team was at the police station they get a call from the Jefferson with a letter with a roshack meaning Violence. We then find out that it has a return address matching the subdivision where Emily (house wife) lives. When they arrive Lydia Carter’s ghost says to get into the demo house she is going to kill him. Once inside they find Emily standing over someone with a straight knife. Justin jumps on top of her while her ghost is freaking out and shows Lydia Carter that Emily is actually possessed. William Klocke finished her off with a power saw to the chest whilst Lydia Carter get slashed by the “dark figure”. He disappears when the razor falls from her hands. They turn the guy over to authorities for treatment and he divulges that Judge Walters is dead. There is a recorded tape of them covering up that the Massy and the judge talking about the driver of the truck being drunk the night of the accident. Judge then tells Massy was on to the fact the team was getting close. With all of this information we get the judge, Massy, and Rodriguez are arrested.


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