World Of Darkness: Paint It Black

The campaign takes place in Coast City. Situated on the west coast of North America, Coast City is a beacon of modern technology and tradition American values. It has been a clean, peaceful, and prosperous place to live for decades.

...until about eighteen months ago. In the last year and a half, Coast City’s crime rate has spiked. Theft and vandalism, both dramatically increased. But above all, violent crime and murder are through the roof.

Coast City is now home to no less than 7 unique serial killers, and some say as many as 12. Criminal profilers and investigators are at a loss to explain the sudden emergence and proximity of these serial murders. For a time, a theory ascribed the killings to a single murderer, but that theory has since been disproved.

The FBI and the CCPD are overwhelmed with all of the murders taking place across the city. Stacks of unsolved cases lay around the cities police departments. And worse, the details of these cases seem to be getting increasingly strange. Corpses found drained of blood, or sacrificed in strange rituals. In desperation, the mayor has called out for aid from private companies, hoping to take back his city.

Enter Jonas Booke. A wealthy (and highly eccentric) philanthropist, he has assembled a team of investigators, and offered their services to the city. Will this mismatched cabal of victims be able to stem the tide of madness washing over the city?

WoD: Paint It Black

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